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Business & Pleasure can provide copywriting services and organise or coordinate press visits and press conferences involving local, regional, national and the international media. We can also produce digital photography and video footage and undertake interviews.

Over 30 years of expertise in public and press relations and a high success rate of published material in the fields of tourism, finance, electronic gambling, hi-tech and sports/leisure make us the ideal partner for busy PR and marketing agencies. We also undertake individual PR assignments on behalf of individual companies on a project basis.

& PUBLIC RELATIONS: Our Track Record
Prior to moving to the island of Alderney in 1990, Ilona Soane-Sands, Managing Director of Business & Pleasure, ran her own successful international PR agency, Business Image (BIPR), founded in 1973 and acquired by the Shandwick Group in 1987.

Some of her biggest projects included the launch of the very first pocket calculator, the launch of the world's first personal computer,   co-ordinating a series of electronics and computer shows in the UK and Europe, and - as honorary PR agent and director of the British Ski Federation- catapulted Eddie Edwards (Eddie the Eagle) to international fame.

After moving to Alderney in 1990, Ilona was a regular contributor of photographs and a weekly Alderney feature for the Guernsey Press (1991-2003). She also worked as an honorary marketing consultant to the States of Alderney and organised numerous international press visits.

In 1997 she accepted the post of the States of Alderney's Marketing and Public Affairs Manager with direct responsibility for public affairs and international press activities promoting the island as a tourism and business location as well as a leading internet gaming and gambling jurisdiction.

Since 2008 Business and Pleasure (C.I.) Ltd has undertaken a series of press activities and marketing projects for several Channel Islands-based companies in the e-gaming and finance sectors.


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